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artwork and texts by Konstantinos Stavropoulos


Konstantinos is a visual artist based in Athens. His work has been transcending from experimental photography to various forms of landscape depictions, in variations from rural to urban. In the digital era he focused on mobile videography and created a number of video installations. In 2015 he curated the 3rd “Ψυχή στο Λαιμό” residency research workshop in Prespa, in collaboration with the School of Fine Arts of Florina and Professor Haris kondosfiris. He is an active member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece and currently serving as an elected member in the Classification and Judgment Committees of the Chamber. Besides, he is an improvisation performer following the steps of instant composition choreographers, Julyen Hamilton and Maya M. Carrol. He is also a singer of the old Byzantine church-chanting method.

2015 - “Ψυχή στο Λαιμό III” / Prespa, research workshop in literary and visual arts, under the auspices of the Department of Fine and Applied Arts / School of Fine Arts of the University of Western Macedonia

Residencies / Workshops
2010 - Association of Icelandic Visual Artists, Reykjavik
1995 - “L‘ Autre Image de l‘ Autre”. In colaboraton of the Rheinisches Landesmuseum in Bonn and the Ecole National de la Photographie in Arles

Video installations
2018 - “The smile of the Sea”, Municipality Gallery of Piraeus
2014 - “Timeless Remembrance - Ψυχή στο Λαιμό III”, Prespa
2014 - “23052014337”, Clear Waters, Chania
2014 - “Timeless Remembrance - Embros Theater”, Athens

Solo Exhibitions
2005 - “Isolated Beauty”, Gallery Ios, Athens
1996 - “Urban”, Gallery 111, Thessaloniki
1992 - “Landscapes”, Gallery Metro, London
1991 - “Landscapes”, French Institute, Athens
1990 - “Metro”, Gallery De Facto, Thessaloniki

Group Exhibitions
2015 - “Crossroads”, Old public School, Amindaio
2010 - “Clear skies above”, Association of Icelandic Visual Artists, Reykjavik
1997 – 2001 - “Image and Icon”, traveling exhibition in Greece, Slovakia, UK, Czech Republic, Canada, China
1997 - “Image and Icon”, Museum of Modern Art, Thessaloniki
1996 - “The Invention of Landscape”, Vafopoulio Cultural Center, Thessaloniki
1989 - “Young Greek Photographers”, Municipality Cultural Center, Athens

2005 - “Isolated Beauty”, photographs
         - Catalogues in most of the mentioned group exhibitions

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